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What is an IOL?

An intra-ocular lens (IOL) is an artificial lens implanted in the eye to treat cataracts.


  • Most frequently performed outpatient surgery in the world.
  • Age related cataract is the leading cause of blindness.
  • Excellent surgeons, IOLs and surgical technology deliver great safety outcomes.
  • Patients, however, are frequently left with suboptimal vision because refractive power is difficult to predict.
  • Existing options to modify refractive power are limited, difficult and risky.


The perfect choice for all cataract patients

The HARMONI Modular IOL features a base component and an optic component that work together in elegant simplicity.  The base provides a solid foundation within the capsular bag and enables versatile control by securely receiving the optic component using traditional surgical tools.  Both components of the HARMONI IOL are injected through a micro-invasive clear corneal incision. The versatile design of the Harmoni IOL is intended to incorporate a variety of lens configurations to customize vision to the patients’ needs.

Harmoni Optic


Harmoni Optic


Harmoni Assembled View

Assembled Device


ClarVista Medical, based in Aliso Viejo, California is a leading developer of innovative products to treat challenging ophthalmic conditions. In 2012 and in conjunction with series A financing, ClarVista was spun out from Prospex Medical, a medical device incubator, to pursue the development of the HARMONI IOL.

Between 2012 and 2014, the company developed the first generation HARMONI system, conducted a thorough first-in-human clinical study and developed a broad portfolio of intellectual property. In 2015, the company closed on a series B financing of $14M which was used to develop the second generation HARMONI system, initiate a larger feasibility clinical trial and obtain CE mark. In 2016, the company completed an interim analysis in its feasibility clinical study, initiated several other clinical studies, and began preparation for a US pivotal IDE study.


Paul McLean

Glenn Sussman

Malik Kahook
MD, Medical Director

Robert E. Atkinson
JD, General & IP Counsel

Paul Yoo
OD, VP of Clinical Affairs


Ali Behbahani, MD
NEA, Partner
Washington, DC

Bob Balch
Cycad Group, Senior Vice President
Santa Barbara, CA

Cynthia Yee
Windham Venture Partners, Principal
New York, NY


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The HARMONI modular IOL is an investigational device and is not approved for use in the United States. ClarVista and HARMONI are registered trademarks of ClarVista Medical, Inc.